WeeSkins....for those awesome lil' guys & gals we adore so very much!

This wee wall is wearing our "MoonBeam" pattern printed on the finest peel & stick fabric WallSkins. 

Simply enter your measurements in the spaces provided above and we’ll custom cut your wall's new wardrobe into wicked easy seamless DIY strips, ensuring a perfect couture fit.  Strips range from 2-2.5 feet wide, but we’ll figure that part out for you…we’re cool like that.  Say goodbye to messy paste & never cut from confusing wallpaper rolls again!  

  • Highest quality, patented, self-adhesive fabric.
  • We make all of our WallSkins in our Boston, Ma studio.
  • Never vinyl or "stickerish".  Ever.  
  • Easy to apply (srsly), remove, reuse and reposition. 
  • 100% earth friendly, non-toxic and BPA free.
  • Made from wood pulps, sand and eco-friendly inks.
  • Adheres to 99% of surfaces. Endless options!
  • Will never tear, curl, bubble, wrinkle or fade. 
  • Easy DIY directions & test decal in every order.
  • Sorry traditional wallpaper, we've totally kicked your bum.

Like to discuss a custom design, specific cuts and sizes?  Live chat or contact us.  We make it so easy, it's ridiculous.  Checkout our short WallSkin™ DIY Install video & watch the magic happen.  Gotta feel it to believe it?  Get your hands on a sample here.  Need further Intel?  Checkout our FAQ's page.

What are your wee walls wearing?

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