Fire Bricks Removable Wallpaper

  • Highest quality woven polyester fabric
  • Easily removable and will never damage your surface
  • Guaranteed reusable
  • 100% earth friendly materials & GreenGuard Certified Inks

Available Sizes;

24 inch x 48 inch panel:  Have a room with wainscot paneling halfway up the wall? Our 48 inch panels are perfect for covering the wall height between the wainscot and the ceiling.

24 inch x 96 inch panel:   Covers walls with up to 8 foot ceiling heights.  5 of these panels will cover a 10 foot wide x 8 foot high wall.  

24 inch x 108 inch panel:  Covers walls with up to 9 foot ceiling heights.

24 inch x 120 inch panel:  This covers walls with up to 10 foot ceiling heights.

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