What Are Your Walls Wearing? 

It all started about 7 years ago when my husband, Mike, (then boyfriend), brought me over a gift he had made for my new apartment.  It was an adorable wall decal.  I peeled it off the backing paper and accidentally dropped it.  It floated to the floor and folded over, sticking to itself along the way.  I was so upset!  He quickly picked it up and crumbled it into a ball.  I was shocked!  Was he mad?  What was going on?  I didn't mean to drop it.. geeeez!  I looked at him horrified.  He smiled and quickly pulled the decal back to shape, stuck it to the wall, and.... it was FLAWLESS.  Srsly flawless!  It was love at first stick. 

He's a computer guy.  My background is finance.  How could two people with such non-creative-in-every-way professions have this business? 

Mike's family runs a signage & graphics printing business.  He has always been an amazing graphic designer and printer by hobby.  After we had our second child,  I couldn't fathom going back to the 60+ hour work weeks.  The entrepreneur in me, of course, had the idea 6 years ago to build a business around that wall decal I fell so in love with.  And what would be sweeter than custom couture peel & stick wallpaper that wasn't vinyl or stickerish?..  And wouldn't damage any surface?...  And could be crumbled into a ball and come out unscathed?  That's when our next baby was born.  We named it Accent Wall Customs.

I come from a family of remarkable artists in the hills of the Berkshires.  Not ever being able to draw much more than a stick figure, I always felt pretty ripped off.  That is until I got my pretty little hands on Adobe Illustrator.  Finally!!!  I no longer searched for my adoption papers I was once certain existed.

We put our everything into this and we express that through providing impeccable customer service, in-house production from design to shipping, and by creating only the highest quality couture product that's in a class all its own.  

Your walls deserve couture treatment.



Dressing Naked Walls since 2012.