Banana Leaf Removable Wallpaper

Sassy, classy and very bad a#sey!

Our spin of the iconic "Banana Leaf" design, printed on the finest removable wallpaper on the market. Peel & stick fabric WallSkins. 

Enter your measurements in the spaces provided above and we’ll custom cut your wall's new wardrobe into wicked easy seamless DIY strips, ensuring the perfect couture fit.  Strips come 24" wide, but we’ll figure that part out for you.  We’re cool like that.  Later messy glue & never cut from confusing wallpaper rolls again!  Naked walls are our thing.

  • The Only high quality, patented, self-adhesive fabric wallpaper.
  • We make all of our WallSkins in our Boston, Ma studio.
  • Never vinyl or "stickerish".  Ever.  
  • Easy (srsly!) to apply, remove, reuse and reposition. 
  • 100% earth friendly, non-toxic and BPA free.
  • Made from a poly blend of wood pulps, sand and eco-friendly inks.
  • Adheres to 99% of surfaces. Perfect for kitchens, baths and stair risers...options are endless!
  • Will never tear, curl, bubble, wrinkle or fade. 
  • Easy DIY directions & test decal in every order.
  • Sorry traditional wallpaper, but we've totally kicked your a$s.

Like to discuss a custom design, specific colors, cuts and sizes?  Live chat or contact us.  We make it so easy, it's ridiculous.  Checkout our short WallSkin™ DIY Install video & watch the magic happen.  Gotta feel it to believe it?  Get your hands on a sample here.  Need further Intel?  Checkout our FAQ's page.

What are your walls wearing?

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